Monthly Archives: November 2012

Good night Doha and wake up!

Tweet Why should we give any hope to national governments to succeed in a deal on Climate Change. It is a waste of money to take more then 10.000 people to a negotiation in Doha based on false hope. It … Continue reading

Eco system service awarded by Volvo

Tweet Gretchen Daily, professor at Stanford University in California, is convinced that the only way to generate welfare in the long term is to put a price tag on the ecosystem. “If we don’t the destruction of our natural capital … Continue reading

A new report on Climate Negotiations – still not enough!

Tweet A new report from Stockholm Environment Institute – Mobilizing Climate Change Action beyond the UNFCCC regarding the on-going negotiation on Climate Change  – did not clarify necessary needs of change . My reflection is still that the processes are very … Continue reading