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More than a drop of water

Tweet The problem of water in society goes far beyond rainfall. It is not enough to simply seek shelter under an umbrella.  The way that we use water has a profound impact on our planet. It is is inextricably linked … Continue reading

Improve Human Health in World’s Growing Cities

Tweet Hyderabad (India), 15 October 2012 – Global urbanization will have significant implications for biodiversity and ecosystems if current trends continue, with knock-on effects for human health and development, according to a new assessment by the United Nations Convention on … Continue reading

How did a 84,000 city in the south of Sweden reduce their Carbon Emission with 41 %

Tweet The figures for 2011 are now compiled and show the per capita carbon dioxide is now 2.7 tons of carbon dioxide compared to the 1993 levels. Their goal is to reduce it to 55% by 2015 and by 100% … Continue reading