Monthly Archives: June 2012

Landstrips and Sustainable City Development

Tweet It is a common misconception that sustainability in air travel is just about curbing CO2 emissions from airplanes. Of course this helps but the aviation industry’s responsibilities are far wider than this. The sector is responsible for about 2 … Continue reading

Management needs to move from the present to the future and from theory to practice

Tweet A few weeks ago I witnessed one of many encouraging signs that educational institutions, traditionally centered around management and finance, are beginning to take some of the most pressing global challenges more seriously. One of Sweden’s leading institutions for … Continue reading

Rio+20: What are you waiting for?

Tweet Ahead of the Rio+20 Summit I would like to share three thoughts of mine that may inspire you to take action. 1. In Europe we can save energy, become independent of fossil fuel – and create new jobs. But how can … Continue reading

New report on state-owned companies in Sweden

Tweet The Swedish Government has submitted a paper on state-owned companies to parliament which reports on the ownership and management in these companies’ operations in 2011. It was was a good year in terms of results, as they provided dividends … Continue reading