Monthly Archives: May 2012

No Plan B for the Planet

Tweet It’s worrying me that it is so difficult to build understanding between national governments. We are all developing nations and need to understand how conditions are different depending on where we live on our planet. Mayors in cities seem … Continue reading

Is it so hard to find a sustainable, antibiotic-free chicken?

Tweet An increasing number of people, myself included, are demanding more from what we eat. The availability of eco-friendly, organic products has visibly improved in recent years, as people take a greater interest in what they consume and how it … Continue reading

Why politicians and economists are left behind

Tweet John Elkington asks in the Guardian if innovation and new business models can do the same for sustainability in the 21st century? The biggest problem and challenges businesses, politicians and NGO:s have –  Our society is not aligning the human and … Continue reading

European Mayors team up with Chinas cities

Tweet Thursday, 3 May, will see the launch event of the EU-China Partnership on Sustainable Urbanisation.  It is is an ongoing process to develop a Global Network of Mayors and cities to strenght the ambition to meet the global challenges. … Continue reading