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David Suzukis call on Canada´s pull out of Kyoto II

Tweet When we see the Canadian national government pulling out of the Kyoto treaty 2, a sudden urgency comes  for the Mayors in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Hamilton and Yellowknife to show leadership and how cities can reduce their impact on Climate Change.  As far as … Continue reading

2020 Limburg: Climate Neutral

Tweet Coach in Sustainable Development via 2020 Limburg: Climate Neutral.

2020 Limburg: Climate Neutral

Tweet What a difference can a province make? Lots! Here is the story of how one determined governor, 44 mayors and a whole region are turning the page of history. Let me first tell you a bit about Limburg. It … Continue reading

Ranking of first Climate Change movers

Tweet Ranking of global companies are something that can be a way to see where the first movers are. Ranking systems that have been looking into the climate issues and are connecting to the growth of the Low Carbon Economy … Continue reading

How economy, energy efficiency and climate change work together

Tweet As I mentioned in earlier blogs – cities have a key role to play to reduce their carbon footprint. The Empire State Building is one of the new best practise of energy efficiency in US. The network of Mayors … Continue reading

Global challenges – local solutions

Tweet This coming week we will see the result from the UN negotiations on Climate Change. We are also feeling the heat of the upcoming EU Summit. Will the result of the two summits be step to integrate the both the … Continue reading