Monthly Archives: March 2011

OECD released a new report on water

Tweet Maybe some of you not have noticed that on Tuesday is was the World Water Day, an occasion to celebrate water and its crucial contribution to human life in all its forms. To mark the occasion,the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and … Continue reading

Embedding sustainability into business operations

Tweet Embedding sustainability into business operations is finally catching on with mainstream business as they realize that if offers a very real competitive advantage. In part 1 of this interview with Chris Laszlo, author of “The Sustainable Company” and “Embedded … Continue reading

Sustainability Brand study in Sweden – Coop, ICA, Volvo, Arla Foods and IKEA on the top of the list by consumers

Tweet Coop, ICA, Volvo, Arla Foods and IKEA are the brands that are considered the best in environmental and social responsibility in Sweden. The best sectors are retailers, food producers and carmakers. According to the largest brand study on Sustainability, … Continue reading

Oil spill 3 – Long-term effects in the Mexican Gulf

Tweet To understand the long-term effects on the chemistry and creatures of the gulf, Vernon Asper of the University of Southern Mississippi and Arne Diercks from University of Mississippi have focus on oil and gas plumes, which contained about 90 percent methane … Continue reading

Majority of UK public mistrusts corporate carbon claims, poll finds

Tweet Just 7% of the British public believes claims made by companies that they are taking tough action to reduce carbon emissions. Read more The Guardian  

There is still time to change course

Tweet In a new book, Anders Wijkman, former Member of the European Parliament and Johan Rockström,Professor and CEO of Stockhom Environmental Institute(SEI) stress the need of action by the Global civil society  Some of the issues they see as important … Continue reading

David Suzukis Foundation on how to avoid toxics in cosmetic products

Tweet Groups like the David Suzuki Foundation are demanding that the fragrance loophole be closed and that consumers be told what ingredients are in their products. Author and broadcaster Gillian Deacon’s book There’s Lead in Your Lipstick and the U.S. Campaign for … Continue reading

Sweden’s former Head of Climate negotiation Anders Turesson

Tweet Nuclear power on the agenda towards a climate-neutral societal planning The week that has passed has been chock-a-block with new challenges. One crisis has come in the wake of another and the focus has shifted. Our fossil fuel dependency, our … Continue reading

The future living – A Swedish Sustainable Housing project

Tweet The Mayor of Gothenburg, Anneli Hulthén opened the door to the future of sustainable housing in Gothenburg this week. The climate neutral one family house, which can create more energy than it consumes is a part of a project called One Tonne Life. One tonne of carbon dioxide per person and year … Continue reading

Sustainability and Leadership message from the UK Government

Tweet The UK Government is committed to sustainable growth, economically and environmentally, and they see many opportunities for UK businesses in moving to a green economy. The Government will publish a Roadmap to a Green Economy in April 2011 that … Continue reading